NYC Cribs.

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For everyone who can't visit in person, here's the pictures to prove we've moved into a new apartment. 

The main room. Which means living room/bedroom/Zach's painting studio.

Couch. Thanks Ikea!

I told you Zach had a studio area. 

Bonus points to whoever can name all the plants. 

We opened up these cabinets ourselves and Zach did a bunch of work to make them look nice. 

Zach's cigar and whiskey corner.

Our terrace/fire escape. Yes, the entrance is a sliding glass door window. We take what we can get. 
See those trees in the near distance? Prospect Park!

Is the bathroom ever really the interesting part of the tour?

My collages!

And two panoramas to get a feel of the space.

Everything hung, nailed or screwed into the wall is thanks to Zach's handyman skills. Everything looking spotless and clean is because I went nuts on the day we moved in. Design goes to both us. Team effort!

Thanks for touring! 

Are you still here? Please leave...


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More photos of what i've been up to, so I don't have to talk about it.

Spring has sprung!

Soon it won't be too cold to wear this outfit.

This an XL large kids baseball tee. I love it.

They slept while I worked.

This and the next is part of some local taggers 1984 installation. 

Still waiting on the third...

I bought those boots :)

I made my own wheatgrass shot! It tasted terrible. And that was watered down.

It was spring break/catch up on books time at one point.

What I wore for my job interview. The outfit drawn. Not the paper.

Check this out

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So there I was scouring the internet for something that would perk up my blog header (it really was a little drab in here before), when I stumble upon this wonderful tumblr full of illustrations.

Steph Illustrations.

Thank you google search! You've lead me to the new header's darling geometric fox and to Steph's illustrations (which are nothing less than inspiring). As someone who dabbles in doodles and just has an appreciation for art overall, it's easy to spot when someone has put a lot of time and effort into perfecting their craft. I've pulled a few of my favorite illustrations from Steph's tumblr, but you should seriously check it out yourself.

Ps. How nice is she to let me use her geometric fox design for my blog? Internet high five to you, Steph. 

Latest Obsession

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I can't get these boots out of my head. I haven't followed a lot of Sam Edelman's designs (from what I've seen he's done a lot of high heeled stiletto types and that just isn't me), but I can't resist these Petty boots.
I love the richness of the suede, the low heel (I walk everywhere!), and how they seem to go with just about everything. Add that to over 160+ favorable reviews on Zappos, how well they fit into my current ankle boot obsession and I can't take it.

Must order them, asap.

The only downside is the price tag. $130 is pretty pricey for boots (at least in my realm of being a college student) so my justification is that I started a new job and these are my treat! 

Guest Blogger Danielle from WeWoreWhat for
They look so great with shorts too!

Doodles and outfits

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Since i haven't been blogging, I've been filling up my time with other, more easily accessible activities (sorry for the inactivity "loyal followers")

However, it's just so much easier to spend my class time doodling and planning outfits than to write an inspiring blog post. Or think of one. 
Oh wait, i was supposed to be listening in class right?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite doodles to keep you little internet monsters happy.
Eat em' up.

Made with pencil.

I found this wonderful chiffon maxi skirt supplier on Ebay which inspired these doodles (my love of Ebay can be found here). Of course, the supplier is based in china so it's doubtful the hem will even reach the tops of my feet if i end up buying one. The versatility of a nice chiffon skirt is always appealing.

 I am a planner and i love every minute of it. I like to draw clothing items I want to buy, along with prices and when/where to get them. The bottom drawing is based off of a dress I came across in TJ Max one day that unfortunately was not my size.
This is what i planned to be my "going home outfit". I had this big idea that since I was returning home from four months of New York experience, I should definitely look the part. I didn't end up wearing this exact outfit since I don't actually own half of the items drawn, but I kept with the hat and the boots! (and the suitcase, but there's not much interesting about that is there)

Expect more drawings to come. I've spent a long time keeping most of my doodles hidden, but it's about time I started sharing. What good are they just sitting in my sketch book anyway?

Best Of: Online Shopping

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For someone who loves cozy-ing up at home, there's plenty of places to go on the internet to look at clothing without taking a daunting trip outside the house. Plus you get to skip the whole 'I'm just looking' dance with a retail employee, which ends up saving you both time. Needless to say, i have a few places where i frequent often to get my browsing fix.

Asos is probably my favorite place to get relatively fashionable clothing for decent construction and fair prices. As much as I love vintage, sometime you just need a pant that has a modern cut or a fit and flare dress that isn't made out of wool. You'll find everything here you would at an H&M store, but with a probable guarantee you won't run into twenty other people wearing the same dress as you.

Bonus: Until further notice (and this has been going on for over a year) Asos offers free delivery and returns worldwide. Those pants are a bit to snug? Slap the return sticker on them and send them right back, free of charge. 

There is so much to love about Ebay, especially if you know what you're looking for. I've found this to be my go to place considering the older I've gotten, the more i appreciate older, well worn clothing. There's nothing better than finding a pair of black boots that have already been worn in perfectly, or finding a great deal on some Urban Outfitter finds you wouldn't have dared paid the original price for. If you know what you're looking for, go right ahead in search for it, or if you're just looking to browse try typing in your favorite brand in the search bar. It's sure to pop up some jacket you missed out on from last season.

Arguable the worst option on this list for fashion, but great for everything else you need to look good in your vintage 70's swim suit. You can find a great deal on a variety of beauty products and accessories, then have them bundled up and sent right to your house! As a student i also love their textbook buyback option. They end up accepting the books for far more money than i would have gotten if i tried selling my books back to my school bookstore (and also accept older editions, which are still useful!). 

Slight detraction: The money you receive from trading in those textbooks (and sometimes editions of other books too) are stored right on Amazon. Unfortunately that means you can only use that returned money on Amazon listed things, but if you're just turning around and buying more textbooks (or pretty much anything else you can think of) then this really isn't that much of a detraction.
Etsy will always be my one true love. It's like shopping at a thrift store that already sorts through the terrible fabric and bad fitting 90's pants for you. There are hundreds of different shops, so you can just skip around by shop owner, or type in a search item and away you go. Say you want something with a 90's gothic vibe; there's a shop for that. Want only vintage swimsuits? Too easy to find. Since etsy is such a diverse place, you'll also find way cool crafts, artwork, nail transfers (so cool), and even stores that custom make clothes right for you. Sure some of these items can come at a cost, but the feeling of supporting a small business (or someone who is just starting!) plus the "I got it from this cool designer based in Sweden" boasting you can do to your friends more than weighs it out.

Mini Pumpkin Pies!

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In a world full of regular sized objects, the minis are making a comeback. 
Because why just have a slice when you could eat the whole thing at once?

This is my first exploration into the miniature. I really just needed something Thanksgiving themed to take to a party tonight, and seeing how pumpkin pie is my second favorite Thanksgiving themed dish (and i don't want to be the person at the party handing out little samples of stuffing) the idea seemed appropriate.
Thanks to google I was able to find some more people who shared my dilemma (or just like small things).

The recipe I used is from Make and Takes, the cutest little baking/crafting/home project site i had the pleasure of stumbling onto. 
(Click on the above link for the recipe)

Her little pumpkin pies turned out as above. 

So cute, so mini!

Here's my process through poor pictures I took on my phone:

All the necessary ingredients! After unsuccessfully searching for a refrigerated pre-made pie (because I'm terribly lazy) I caved and went for a box crust. Note the cupcake pan hanging out in the back, the most necessary utensil and thus why it was included in the group photo.

Organic pumpkin! Fresh from Trader Joes!

I usually forget to preheat the oven. This time i did it way too early (before i even rolled out the crust).

I'm not sure why i complained about the pie crust earlier, because it turned out to be really easy (seriously, just the package and water). Please note that i do not have a great variety of baking utensils yet (which includes bowls). Prepare to laugh at the next picture. 

If you're wondering what that bowl is doing there, it's because I used it as my make shift rolling pin. That cup was also my make shift cookie cutter. The recipe called for a cookie cutter with a four inch diameter, so I had to get crafty (maybe this should be titled making food with utensils you never thought of before?)

Pumpkin mix! I followed the directions right on the can, which was fairly easy despite it called for pumpkin spice (which does not exist at my local grocery store). Also, this is the mix left over from after I filled all the mini pie crusts. There's still more for another batch here!

Ready for the oven that's been preheating all this time.

I decided to sprinkle a tiny bit of brown sugar over the top of the filling because I thought it needed a little more sweetness. When i got to this step i was a little worried about how full the pies were, considering my dough did not stretch over the top of the pan like Marie of Make and Takes did. 

But they turned out just fine! They might be a little bit taller than the crust, but they seem to be doing just fine. Considering the crust was never my favorite part, i'm kind of digging how these turned out. I followed the baking instructions of Make and Takes recipe to a T and i'm quite happy with the results.

Voila! So cute!
Bonus: They cooked absolutely perfect with a harder top and a slightly squishy center. 

"Geometric Fox" use in header design created by Steph. Find this and her other work at Steph Scarborough Illustration